A vehicle repair contract is an agreement which is signed between a vehicle repair company and the owner of the vehicle who wishes his/ her vehicle to be repaired. The contract is legally binding and specifies the terms and conditions which when violated are punishable by law. A sample contract has been provided below.

Sample Vehicle Repair Contract

Contract No.: OR- 3982

Date of signing the contract: 5th February, 2012

The contract has been prepared by and is being entered between Mathew Car Rentals and Repairs Ltd. and Mr. Collin Farrell.

The contract requires that the repairs firm conduct a full check of the vehicle and fix the problems they come across. The repair person must be cautious that the vehicle is not caused any further physical harm in the procedure of fixing the faults.

Date of effect of the contract: 5th February, 2012

Details of the Firm:

Registered Name: Mathews Car Rentals and Repairs

Authorized Signatory: Mr. Henry Mathews

Official Address: Plot No. 35, Merchants Market, North Block, New Jersey.

Contact No.: 398- 35-986

Details of Car Owner:

Name: Mr. Collin Farrell

Address: House No. 8, St. William Lane, New Jersey, United States.

Contact No.: 287- 82-227

Vehicle Details:

Vehicle Type: Car

Vehicle Manufactures: BMW S1

Vehicle No.: US- 4736

Terms of Contract:

  1. The vehicle must be returned in a maximum of 4 days (except for major repair work).
  2. The owner may ask for re- checking incase the repairs found to be insufficient.
  3. The owner has to make all payments within 24hrs of the completion of repairs of the car i.e. after he/ she finds the work to be satisfactorily complete.


_____________________     (Mr. Henry Mathews)

_____________________     (Mr. Collin Farrell)