A vehicle rental agreement contract is a document which is signed by a renting agency and an individual who has taken the vehicle on rent. The document records all the terms of the contract and is legally binding. The parties involved must abide by the terms. A sample of such a contract has been provided below.

Sample Vehicle Rental Agreement Contract

The contract is being entered between M/s Henderson Rentals Pvt. Ltd. and Mrs. Paula Abdul as on the 5th of February, 2012.

The contract certifies that the rental service has rented a vehicle to Mrs. Abdul as on the 6th February, 2012. The rent is to be paid by the 6th of every month. An extension of 2 days may be granted under special conditions.

Details of Rental firm:

Name of the Business: Henderson Rental Pvt. Ltd.

Authorized Personnel: Mr. Keanu Reaves

Job Position: Senior Manager

Contact No.: 49132093475

Details of the Buyer:

Name: Mrs. Paula Abdul

Profession: Interior Designer

Contact No.: 49357761634

Details of the Rental Vehicle:

Vehicle Type: Car- SUV

Manufacturers: Audi

Model: Q5

Color: White

Vehicle Plate No.: US- 3836

Terms and Conditions of the Rental:

  1. The rent has to be paid on or before the due date.
  2. In case of any default or delay of the rent the dealer reserves the right to report the incidence for punishment by law, or to grant an extension or to forfeit the vehicle.
  3. The rental contract is to be renewed annually.
  4. The vehicle must be returned to the agency in proper physical condition.


_______________________ (Mr. Keanu Reaves)

_______________________ (Mrs. Paula Abdul)