A vehicle contract includes a varied number of contracts such as a contract for the purchase of a vehicle, for renting of a vehicle or for the management of the vehicle etc. All such contracts must specify all the relevant information or details of the agreement. Provided below is a sample of vehicle lease contract. It can be used by anyone for reference purpose.

Sample Vehicle Contract

The contract is being entered by Ms. Liz Taylor and Kennedy Automobiles as on the 5th of February, 2012.

The contract mentions that Ms. Taylor has taken a lease on a vehicle from the Kennedy Automobiles. The terms of the lease and the details of parties involved have been specified as following:

Date of commencement of lease: 6th February 2012.

Details of Customer:

Name:  Ms. Liz Taylor

Profession: Investment Banker

Contact No.: 573-93-293

Correspondence Address: House No. 20, Red Chills Apartments, Essex, United Kingdom.

Details of the Agency/ Dealers:

Business Name: Kennedy Automobiles

Name of the authorized person: Mr. Jonathan Kennedy

Position: Co-manager

Contact No.: 536- 84-293

Address: Plot No. 368, North Hemisphere, Essex, United Kingdom.

Details of the Vehicle:

Vehicle type: Four Wheeler.

Manufacturers: Toyota

Model: Prius hybrid- 4

Color: Green

Plate No.: UK-3485

Terms and Conditions:

  1. 1. The lease grants the permission to use the vehicle for a period of the lease.
  2. 2. The lease must be renewed annually.
  3. 3. The vehicle must be returned in the best possible condition on the expiry of the lease.


_______________________________ (Ms. Liz Taylor)

_______________________________ (Mr. Jonathan Kennedy)