A vehicle contract format refers to the format which must be followed whenever an individual/ entity is preparing a contract which records the deal regarding sale/ purchase etc. of a vehicle. The sample provided here is a sample document which can be taken into use by anyone for reference purpose or help.

Sample Vehicle Contract Format

Date of signing the contract: ________________ [dd/mm/yy]

This contract being signed between ___________ and _____________________ [mention the names of the involved parties along with their respective titles].

[Use this part to give the detail of the contract in brief describing what the contract specifies and what purpose does it fulfill for the involved parties].

Details of Buyer:

Business Name: ______________ [name of the business entity of the buyer]

Name of Buyer: ______________ [name of the buyer of the vehicle]

Position: _______________ [position in the company]

Contact No: ______________ [mobile number of the buyer]

Details of the Seller:

Business Name: _________________ [name of the agency or company selling the vehicle]

Name of the authorized official: _______________ [name of the official responsible for the vehicle deal]

Position: ____________________ [title of job designation in the company]

Contact No: ________________ [contact number of the seller]

Details of the Vehicle:

Vehicle type:



Given below are the various Terms and Conditions of the contract:

[Use this part to write down the various terms and conditions based upon which the contract is signed by the involved parties on mutual agreement basis]


_______________________________ [Signature of the buyer]

_______________________________ [signature of the seller]