A vehicle contract form is just like a regular vehicle contract where the involved parties are making a deal about a certain vehicle. The vehicle contract form records all the details of the vehicle, the parties, the terms of the deal/ contract etc. A sample vehicle contract form is provided here, it refers to a deal where an individual is leasing a vehicle.

Sample Vehicle Contract Form

Date of signing the contract: 12th May, 2012

The following contract has been prepared and is being entered between Hendricks Auto Rentals Pvt. Ltd., the rental agency and Mr. Andrew Preston as on the date mentioned above.

The contract states that the vehicle being referred to in the contract is being leased to Mr. Andrew Preston for a period of 2 years beginning 15th of May 2012. The contract also records the details of the parties and the terms agreed upon.

Details of the Rental Agency:

Official Name: Hendricks Auto Rentals Pvt. Ltd.

Authorized Personnel

Mr. Jensen Barton

Contact No.: 456-835-834

Correspondence Address: 34, George Street, Bruceton Ville, Pennsylvania, USA

Details of the lease holder:

Name: Mr. Andrew Preston

Contact No.: 349-849-346

Correspondence Address: 478, St. Mathew Street, Bruceton Ville, Pennsylvania, USA.

Details of the Vehicle:

Manufacturer: Chevrolet

Model No./ Type: Impala 1967

Color: Black

Terms of the contract:

  1. Any damages to the vehicle in the lease period will be borne by the lease holder.
  2. The amount of lease as agreed is being paid full in advance.
  3. 3.      This contract is legally binding arrangement.


_____________________    (Mr. Jensen Barton)

_____________________    (Mr. Andrew Preston)