When an individual purchases a vehicle from a dealer/ an agency, he/she is required to sign a contract which certifies the sale and also the transfer of ownership of the respective vehicle. Example of such a contract i.e. a vehicle contract example has been provided below. Anybody can make use of the contract as per his/her requirements.

Sample Vehicle Contract Example

The following contract is being entered by parties: Mr. Harry Ford and M/s Jolie Dealers.

The contract certifies that Mr. Harry Ford has purchased a vehicle from M/s Jolie Dealers, as on the February 5th 2012. The vehicle is to be delivered on February 7th, 2012. The specifications of the contract are given.

Details of Buyer:

Name:  Mr. Harry Ford

Contact No.: 489- 83- 594

Correspondence Address: 45, Holy Apartments, Henderson Lane, South California, USA.

Details of the Seller:

Business Name: M/s Jolie Dealers

Name of the authorized personnel: Mr. Brad Jolie

Position: Chief Manager

Contact No.: 473- 48-374

Address: Shop No. 5, St. James Square, Southern California, USA.

Details of the Vehicle:

Vehicle type: Four wheeler/ Car/ SUV.

Manufacturers: BMW
Model/ make: X5, 2011

Color: Blue

Plate No.: SC- 393

Terms and Conditions of the contract:

  1. The vehicle must be delivered on date as promised by the agency.
  2. The buyer is required to make all the due payments as negotiated with the seller.
  3. The contract transfers the ownership of the respective vehicle.
  4. The agency is responsible for in transit damages, if any.


_______________________________ (Mr. Harry Ford)

_______________________________ (Mr. Brad Jolie)