Training contracts are legally drafted document, which covers the compulsory period of a practical training program for a candidate in some firm, organization and centre before he/she qualifies the study session. Training contracts can be defined as full- time training and part- time training contracts. The person who undergoes this training contract is called a trainee; where as the training provider is known as the trainer.

Types of training contracts: legal executive training contract, Management training contract and software training contract. Certain standards of training programs are discussed by both the parties.

Underneath mentioned are the factor which should be considered while preparing a training contract:

(a)Contract Number and effective date of signing the contract.

(b)Type of the training.

(c) Commencing date and terminating time of the training contract.

(d)Detailed information of the trainer firm/ company & centre inclusive name, address, phone number.

(e)Contact information of the trainee, including name, permanent address, contact number and information about the institution.

(f)  Full details of the training program, including duties of the trainer institution and the obligations for the trainee.

(g)Termination & renewal clauses.

(h)Signature of both the parties in order to accept the contract.

The trainer organization can carry the original copy of the contract, where as the trainees can ask for the duplicate copy of the contract.