A training contract letter is a letter discussing a training contract sent from one of the involved parties to the other. The letter records all the details just like the contract itself like the date of commencement of training, the terms of the training contract, the details of the involved parties etc. The sample training contract letter below refers to a letter written from the trainee to the trainer accepting the terms of the contract.

Sample Training Contract Letter


Mr. Jason Folly

Administration Officer

Galton Institute of Law

453, Benson Street,

West Virginia, USA.

10th May 2012

Subject: Agreement to the terms of the training


I, Kirk Carlson would like to inform the authorities that I have gone over the details of the training contract, as a TRAINEE which are:

  • Date of commencement of training: 20th May 2012
  • Duration of Training: 18 months

I also agree to comply with the terms of the training:

  • The total period of 18 months will be divided in 3 semesters of 4 months and the final semester of 6 moths.
  • Each semester/ division corresponds to on job training in various segments of law.
  • In the final semester (6 months) the trainee is required to work in the segment of their personal interest.
  • The institute reserves the right to bar a trainee if his/ her behavior/ performance seem unfit to the respective business entity.

I am eagerly awaiting the acceptance from the institute and the commencement of training thereon.

Yours Sincerely


Kirk Carlson

264, Madison Avenue

New Jersey, USA.