A training contract is a contract which is made by and between two parties, one of which is the trainer and the other is the trainee. Any training contract example is a well detailed and formally drafted training contract which can be referred to by anyone. Such contracts consist of details such as terms and conditions, effective dates, amount to be paid for training etc. Given below is a sample of a training contract example.

Sample Training Contract Example

This contract is being entered between the Malloy Music Institute, the trainer and Mr. Harry Crowley, the trainee/ student as on the date, 5th May 2012.

As per the contract the student has enlisted for training in the Violin as the choice of instrument and the institute agrees to the same. The duration of the beginner’s course is 5 months.

The date of beginning the training: 13th May, 2012.

Details of the Institute:

Name of authorized personnel: Mr. Jimmy Ray

Contact No.: 582- 003- 523

Official Address: 33rd, Main Street, Victor Square, New York, USA

Details of the Individual/ Trainee:

Name: Mr. Harry Crowley

Contact No.: 592-118-934

Address: House no. 20, Forks Lane, Wisteria, New York, USA.

Terms of the Contract:

  1. The training schedule and the timings will be as per the standards set by the institute.
  2. The institute will provide a state accredited certificate on completion of the training.
  3. The fee structure is as per the institute norms, and is non- negotiable.
  4. The contract is a legally binding i.e. any violation are punishable by the law.


________________________     (Mr. Jimmy Ray)

_________________________    (Mr. Harry Crowley)