A subcontractor proposal contract is needed for proposing to take up a project from the contractor through a bidding process. It is a formal agreement that will be treated as binding if the subcontractor wins the award for the project. The subcontractor proposal contract should contain the cover page (optional), a statement of work, budget, and any other annexures.

Sample Subcontractor Proposal Contract:

Through this proposal contract, Modi Builders, here after referred to as the “Subcontractor” applies for the development of a Multiplex in the Special Economic zone –Green campus in

1000 Coney Island Avenue,


New York


which is currently under the ownership of the State of New York, referred to as the “contractor”.

Subcontract Proposal

Scope of work and terms of the contract

  • The multiplex is to be developed with 5 star ratings of its facilities with superior infrastructure, excellent ambience, etc.
  • The necessary labour, equipment, materials and miscellaneous expenses are to be taken care of by the Modi Builders.

Expertise of the subcontractor

  • Modi Builders have the necessary skill set and financial capital to carry out huge projects for the Federal government.
  • Modi Builders is known for delivering good quality multiplexes, office buildings in the least budget with superior quality.

Budget and Deliverables

100 square yards of the special economic zone to be contributed for the development of multiplex and the deadline is 31st Dec 2012.

Equipment and Budget

In this project only the right skilled people will be utilised to the extent possible. The estimated total cost of the project will be around $100,000 only.


Signature of the Subcontractor: Modi Builders.


Subcontractor Agreements