A standard joint venture contract is a contract prepared between two individuals or organizations when they plan to do any sort of activity or start a business on a joint venture basis. The document acts as a legal proof to settle any sort of dispute between both the parties.

Sample Standard Joint Venture Contract

Joint Venture Contract number: R51 NM2

This contract has been drafted on 5th of February 2011 between

Mr. John Nash located at:

85 Junior Road,

New York, New Jersey 8512.


Polo Group of Hospitals with an office address:

789 Ham Salami Road,

New York, New Jersey 4125.

To organize a blood donation program on a joint venture basis.

Both the parties have agreed to enter into the following terms and conditions:

  1. Mr. John Nash has to pay an amount of $20000 in advance to Polo Group of Hospitals.
  2. The blood donation program will take place at the hospital premises.
  3. The advertisement and promotion expenses will be borne by Polo Group of Hospitals.
  4. The doctors to be appointed for the blood donation program should not be working in any other hospital or nursing home but Polo Group of Hospitals.
  5. At any time during the contract period either of the parties can cancel the contract after paying the penalty amount of $10,000.

It is evident that parties have agreed to the terms and conditions mentioned above by putting their signature below:

Signature of the first party:                                             Signature of the second party:

John Nash                                                                                   Long Henry

(CEO, Polo Group of Hospitals)