A sports law training contract is a legal document which records the arrangement between two (or more) parties involved. Of the parties one of them is the trainer i.e. the entity that provides training in sports law, and the other party is an individual who requires the training i.e. the trainee. A sample of a sports law training contract is given below for the convenience of all.

Sample Sports Law Training Contract

Date of signing the contract of training: 15th May, 2012.

The contract has been prepared to be entered by Malory Institute of Law, i.e. the trainer hereon and Ms. Elaine Lieberman i.e. the trainee hereon, as on the above mentioned date.

The contract states that the trainee has rendered the services of the Malory Institute of Law to attain training in the segment of sports law. The Institute has agreed to provide the training as stated in their standard curriculum.

Date of commencement of training: 15th May 2012.

Details of the Training Entity:

Official Name: Malory Institute of Law

Authorized personnel: Mr. Johnson Deloris

Contact No.: 375-745-729

Official Address: 475

Details of the trainee:

Name: Ms. Elaine Lieberman

Contact No.: 347-658-437

Correspondence Address: Flat No. 3, USA.

Terms of the contract:

  1. The institute will provide the individual with all the required training and skill essential to becoming a lawyer in this segment.
  2. The curriculum includes off job training for initial 6 months.
  3. After initial training the institute is required set up the trainee with a law firm for on job training.


_____________________    (Mr. Johnson Deloris)

_____________________    (Ms. Elaine Lieberman)



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