A small project proposal contract is an application for a small project proposal for a party that has the requirement to complete a project. The contract should contain details on what the contractor proposes to achieve, the budget for the proposed project, and the detailed deliverables on specified timelines.

Sample small project proposal contract:

Small Project proposal contract application number: 76590

  • Modi Builders, here after referred to as the “Contractor” applies for the development of the Software Technology Park in

1000 Coney Island Avenue,


New York


which is currently under the ownership of the State of New York.

Proposal Highlights

  • Modi Builders is the best builder in United States with achievements of developing various Software technology parks and Special Economic Zones.
  • Modi Builders have the necessary skill set and financial capital to carry out huge projects for the Federal government.
  • The necessary labour, equipment, materials and miscellaneous expenses are to be taken care of by the Modi Builders.
  • Modi Builders is known for delivering good quality buildings, offices and residential areas in the least budget with superior quality.


1000 sq yards of the software technology park to be developed by 31st Dec 2014

It will be done in three phases.

The detailed phase-wise deadlines are given in the annexure.

Equipments and Budget

In this project only the right skilled people will be utilised to the extent possible. All the shipping costs will be sent as invoice along with the invoice for man and materials. Overheads are to be distributed them in accordance with the state accounting rules. The estimated total cost of the project will be around $100,000 only.


Signature of the Contractor: Modi Builders

Witness: Marlon Samuels



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