A Skadden Training contract is a document which outlines the nature of the terms and conditions governing the contract between a legal trainee and the company. This must be well read and understood since it is almost like an employment contract and specifies what the company expects from the trainee and what the trainee shall get in return.

Sample Skadden Training Contract

The following contract is hereby effected between Josephine Butler, of 67 Kensington Avenue, New York and Skadden Attorney Recruiting Firm. The Training Contract begins from 12th December 2012 and shall terminate after a period of one year on 12th December 2013. The following terms and conditions must be carefully noted:

  • The training year shall be divided into two periods of six months each where the trainee shall be exposed to corporate law and litigation. This period will require 88.7 % attendance on part of the trainee failing which the Skadden Training Contract shall be deemed void.
  • The second six months period shall allow the trainee to specialize in his chosen field. This period shall be marked by case studies and actual courtroom performances. The trainee shall be given his degree and certificate based on his performance in this period of the training contract.

The trainee shall received a stipend of 300$ per month as part of the training contract. The money shall be deposited in his account.


“I have read and understood the terms and conditions of the training contract carefully and I promise to abide by them.”

Signature: _____________________________

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