A Personal Training agreement contract is made between a Personal Trainer and the Client who hires a personal trainer for availing his/her services. These types of contracts can be signed for hiring a personal trainer for yoga, aerobics or any other services. The contract must provide the details of the parties and terms and conditions agreed between them.

Sample Personal Training Agreement Contract:

Contract Number: 78- FLC

Date of Registration: May 3rd, 2012

This Personal Training contract is made and entered between Mr. William Duke residing at: House No. 440 Montgomery, St. San Francisco, California, 94103 hereinafter called as the Trainer


Ms. Diana Richardson, residing at permanent address: 35 Palm Circle, St. San Francisco, California 94013, hereinafter called as the Client.

This contract is effective from May 5th 2012 and is terminating on May 5th, 2013.

Terms and Conditions of Personal Training Agreement Contract

(a) The trainer agrees to provide fitness training to the client on a daily basis for five days in a week without fail. In case when the trainer is unable to take training session on a specific day, the same will be compensated on a weekend during the same month without fail.

(b) The trainer has to design a tailored program for the client that is as per the client’s objectives, fitness level and experience. Training programs must have various training sessions where each session lasts for 60 minutes.

Following are some of the other conditions that govern the personal training agreement contract between for both the parties:

• Payment Terms:

The Client agrees to pay the Trainer $75, per training session.

• Termination:

In case of misconduct & violation to the mentioned term& conditions, this contract will be treated as cancelled.

Both the Parties are Required to Validate the Contract:

Signature of the Personal Trainer:

William Duke

Signature of the Client:

Diana Richardson

Signature of the Witness:

Kate Perry