A nurse training contract refers to a legal agreement between two parties wherein one of the parties agrees to provide the other party with the required nurse training. Nurse training is prepping the individual for the job as a nurse by providing on job like training. Provided below is a sample of a nurse training contract which can be used by all for meeting their own needs/ purposes.

Sample Nurse Training Contract

The contract is being prepared to be signed between Holden Health Care Facility, the training provider, and Ms. Jenna Hopkins, the nurse in training as on the 10th day of May, year 2012.

As per the contract statement the health care facility has agreed to provide Ms. Hopkins with all the required on the job nurse training. The stipend that will be paid to her has been stated and agreed to be $700 per month.

Date of commencement of training: 15th May 2012.

Details of the Training Entity:

Official Name: Holden Health Care Facility

Authorized personnel: Mr. Marwick Masters

Contact No.: 877-595-933

Official Address: 354, Holden Health Care Facility, Banker Road, Park Avenue, New York, USA.

Details of the trainee:

Name: Ms. Jenna Hopkins

Contact No.: 784-353-573

Correspondence Address: Flat No. 34, Bailey Apartments, Victor Square, New York, USA.

Terms of the contract:

  1. The training is not in any way an assured future job option. Of all he trainees the facility may choose to hire which ever trainee they see fit.
  2. The trainee is required to carry on all the tasks and duties responsibly.


_____________________    (Mr. Marwick Masters)

_____________________    (Ms. Jenna Hopkins)