A mutual agreement contract is made for two parties when both the parties enjoy benefits or profits from a joint venture that they work on, together. The mutual parties could be individuals or companies that work together on a joint project. A legal agreement that lays out the responsibilities and the profits that the individual parties are attained with, is mandatory when two parties work together.

As a necessity, the mutual agreement contract needs to have all the details and the contact addresses of both the parties that are involved. The responsibilities of individual parties and the benefits that each of the party enjoys are all mentioned in the contract. The terms and conditions then lay out all the additional responsibilities and rules of conduct that each party wants the other party to follow.

For as long as the parties are going to be working together, they will have to stick to all the terms and conditions that are mentioned in it. They sign the mutual agreement contract, preferably in front of a witness and keep the form with them throughout the term that they are going to be working together.

Sample Mutual Agreement Contract