A motor vehicle sale contract is a term which is used to refer to those contracts which are drafted whenever a sale of a motor vehicle takes place. The contracts record the transfer of ownership of the vehicle, the details of the buyer/ seller and the required details of the vehicle in question. For convenience a sample of the motor vehicle sale contract has been given here.

Sample Motor Vehicle Sale Contract

This contract has been prepared to be entered between Henry Motors Pvt. Ltd., the sellers and Mr. Johnson Van, the buyer, as on 15th May 2012.

The contract states that Mr. Johnson Van has made a purchase of a motor vehicle from the motor dealers Henry Motors Pvt. Ltd. as on the date of mentioned above.

The date of delivery of vehicle: 16th May 2012.

Details of the Seller:

Business Name: Henry Motors Pvt. Ltd.

Authorized personnel: Mr. Josh Kelly

Position: Chief Sales Manager

Contact No.: 657-892-256

Address: 47, 3rd Street, Victor Cross Square, New Jersey, USA.

Details of Buyer:

Name: Mr. Johnson Van

Contact No.: 671-346-793

Correspondence Address: Flat No. 304, Jerry Linger Apartments, New Jersey, USA.

Details of the Vehicle:

Vehicle type: 2 – door, Sedan (4 Wheeler)

Manufacturers: Chevrolet

Model: Grand Blazer

Color: Black

Plate No.: NJ-3859

Terms and Conditions of the contract:

  1. The down payment has been received on the day of signing. The rest of the payment is to be made in regular monthly instalments.
  2. The contract is a legally binding document.


_______________________________ (Mr. Josh Kelly)

_______________________________ (Mr. Johnson Van)