A joint venture contract format relates to the layout of a joint venture contract which consists of an agreement between two parties in order to form a joint venture for a new business. The various clauses, provisions and responsibilities are well laid out in a joint venture contract which is duly signed by both the parties. Such a contract helps to avoid future conflicts and to distribute the responsibilities accordingly. Given below is a sample of the same.

Sample Venture Contract Format

This joint venture is between

[Write down the name and titles of parties amongst whom the contract has been formed]

This joint venture is made on

[Use this space to write down the effective date of the contract or the date on which the contract has commenced]

The contract shall terminate on

[Use this space to written down the effective period of contract along with the date of termination]

Details of the contract

[Use this space to write down the details of the contract such as the amount to be invested by both the parties separately etc.]

Terms and Conditions

[Use this space to provide in-detail all the terms and conditions that are agreed upon by both the joint venturers. Under the terms and conditions, attorney fees, profit sharing structure, other expenses etc. shall be covered. Only upon mutual agreement from both the parties, the contract should be signed]


[Use this part of the contract to give the signatures and names of the parties along with the name and signature of the witness]