Joint venture contract form is a formally drafted document which is used to seal the terms and conditions of a joint venture contract which is formed between two or more than two parties. These documents are made when two parties or persons agree to conduct a common business venture or any other related deal. These forms consist of certain terms and conditions which are legally binding in nature. Given below is a sample of one such joint venture contract form.

Sample Joint Venture Contract Form

This joint venture contract is made effective on the effective date: 12th June 2012

Date of termination: 12th June 2013


This joint venture contract has been entered into by the parties with the following details:


Name of enterprise: Bill corporation

Name of MD: Mr. Bill Nathan

Contact number: 47394834283

Official address: R-56, first floor, ten years square, LA


Name of enterprise: Jack corp. private limited:

Name of MD: Mr. Tim bracken

Contact number: 473094340948

Official address: E-89, second floor, Jill potter building, LA


This contract seals the fact that both the parties agree to conduct a business project for a period of 12 years in which they shall share finances, accounts and sales.

Terms and conditions:
  • Both the parties agree to manage the finances of the business project and share the financial and accountancy details with each other during this time.
  • Both the parties agree to the fact that they will equally divide all the profits and earnings amongst themselves.


Signatures of the parties:

Bill Nathan                        Tim Bracken