International joint venture contract is the arrangement and deal of two or more business enterprise from other countries that forms and alliance over a certain project. It is a legal agreement with limited scopes but with benefits to the members of the contract. Today it is widely seen in many businesses when extending their trade other countries in which they make branches or outlets abroad.

With this kind of international contract, investors share the risk, expenses, income and market location top each other. Although it is not a hundred percent success, sometimes the assets just go to liquidation to get the money that was invested, competitors arrived within the joint venture and expectations from partners are not met.

Recently it is used in many small businesses in which the contract act as a road to disseminate or generate income coming from the capital coming from the joint venture and the products among its partners. The contracts purpose and objective is definite so it must be clear out to all the members of the joint venture about its component and what are the roles and expectation to each other when entering this kind of contract.

Sample International Joint Venture Contract


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