A HR consultant contract is a legal commitment between the interested organization and a HR Consultant Company to hire the effective human resources management services to run an organization successfully. Such a contract includes the duties of the HR consultant party, payment terms & covenants to be followed.

Sample HR Consulting Contract:

Contact number: 56/ HC

Date: February 14th, 2011

This HR consulting contract is made & registered between Nelson Companies Pvt. Ltd, official Address: Plot No: 8, Industrial Area- B, Pink Road, Ottawa, Canada, hereinafter referred as the client company.


Rainbow HR consultants Pvt. Ltd, address: office No: 3, Wing-F, Hopkinson Building, Spencer Road, Ottawa, Canada, hereinafter referred as the consultant party.

Both the parties are ready to commence this contract, whereas the consultant party will serve the client company with professional HR services and the client company will pay the committed amount for the same.

This contract is validating from February 15th, 2011 and is ending on February 15th, 2012.

Considerations & covenants:

Duties & Services:

The consultant party will provide the underneath mentioned HR consulting service to the client company:

  • Establishment of the Humans Resource Department
  • Identification & utilization of the appropriate HR recourses
  • Organizing training programs for the appointed HR staff
  • Dispute management

Every month a printed progress report will be sent to the client company for the future reference.

Payment Terms:

The client company will pay $ 7890 as a monthly fee on the 1st of every month to the consulting company, whereas an amount of $ 12000 has already been paid to the consultant party.

Termination clause:

The termination clause can be true in case of any serious issue.

Acceptance of the HR consulting contract:

Client Company:                                                                         Consultant party:

Kim Parson                                                                                   Anna Ford