Whenever a person wants to get a house constructed, he/she may hire a construction company or contractor to do this work. In such a case, the client and the hired service provider enter into a mutually binding agreement which is known as a house construction contract agreement. A house construction contract agreement is a legally enforceable document, according to which the parties cannot violate any of the points which are mutually agreed by them at the time of signing. The contract is a good way to safeguard rights and enforce clauses in case one of the parties fails to do so.

A house construction contract agreement is a document which gives all the details of the construction work and also lists down the materials needed, equipments needed, machines required and the total workers to be employed at site. It must also talk about how and when the client will make the total construction service payment to the company. The exact amount of construction service should also be given so that the construction company is not cheated later on. All these details are often mentioned in a section which is called ‘terms and conditions’. Both the client and the construction company must sign to show their mutual consent.

Sample House Construction Contract Agreement :

House Construction Contract Agreement1

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