The Government Vehicle contract refers to an agreement which is signed between a rental agency and the respective govt. authorities, when the authorities rent a vehicle for official use. The contract provides for the terms of the rental, the relevant dates, parties involved etc. A sample of such contract has been provided here for convenience of all.

Sample Government Vehicle Contract

The contract is being signed by the rental agency M/s Daniels Chauffeurs Ltd. and the Ministry of Home Affairs USA.

The contract mentions that the government has rented chauffeur driven vehicle/s from the respective agency. The details of involved parties and vehicle have been provided in the contract.

Date of signing the contract: 5th February 2012

Date as of commencement of contract: 10th February 2012.

Details of Rental Agency:

Official Name: M/s Daniels Chauffeurs Ltd.

Name of authorized personnel:  Mr. Jack Daniels

Position: Senior Manager

Contact No.: 491-83-394

Details of the Government Authorities:

Rented for: Ministry of Home Affairs

Name of authorized official: Mr. Johnny Walker

Contact No.: 493- 47-284

Details of the Vehicle:

Manufacturers: BMW

Type/ Model: SUV/ S5

Color: Black

Plate No.: USD- 384

Terms and Conditions of the rental contract:

  1. The vehicle must be kept in perfect physical state.
  2. The vehicle must be present for the service as and when requested by the authorities.
  3. The vehicle must not be used for civilian activities in the course of the rental period.
  4. The payments will be made annually, the amount for which has been pre- decided.


_______________________________ (Mr. Jack Daniels)

_______________________________ (Mr.  Johnny Walker)