A free joint venture contract is a legal contract that is available for download over the internet without paying any fee. These types of contracts are also known as samples. A joint venture contract is primarily signed between two companies or organizations in order to take advantage of each other’s capabilities.

Sample free joint venture contract

Contract number: JV/912-5/29/2011

Effective Date of contact:  November 29th, 2011.

This contract is an official agreement that contains terms and conditions that are mutually agreeable to both parties involved.

Whereas Company A is located at

Madison Design

Address: 19 Shannondale Court,

Fredericksburg VA 22406

Phone: (540) 785-6691

Whereas the Company B is located at


Address: 110 Norman Drive,

Richmond VA 23227

Phone: (804) 247-0247

Following terms and conditions are important aspect of the free joint venture contract and need to be followed:

  • Investment:

Both parties involved in this joint venture agreement – “Madison Design” and “Creative-I” will make investments towards building facilities and extended operations. The primary area of investment for “Madison Design” is infrastructure and the primary area of investment for “Creative-I” is technology and maintenance and upgrade of technology.

  • Profits:

The profit sharing in this joint venture will be based on a 60:40 ratio where “Madison Design” will get 60% of the profits while “Creative-I” will get 40% of the profits.

  • Exclusive dealing:

After the this contract comes into force and prior to the termination, employees and subsidiaries of either companies mentioned in this joint venture contract cannot enter into any other contract involving a third party or into any agreement that is prohibited.

Both the parties are requested to validate the contract:

Signature on behalf of the Madison Design:

Boris Yachenko

Signature on behalf of the Creative-I:

Nigel Hawthorne