A foundation subcontractor agreement is a contract between a contractor and a subcontractor. The contractor wishes to obtain the services of the subcontractor for the purposes of providing foundation services to the General contractor. The following is a sample foundation subcontractor agreement.

Sample Foundation Subcontractor Agreement:

Terms of the engagement

The foundation agreement is made and entered into the 16th Jan 2010 by and between the subcontractor, ABC Foundation and the contractor, HKC Group with its principal place of business located at House No. 4, Near Greenway Park, Willis Colony, Ottawa, Canada.

Scope of work

The subcontractor’s main business activity and services is the preparation and installation of footings of foundation, the pouring of concrete into wood forms or concrete blocks for stem walls, and pouring of concrete for foundation walls for industrial buildings and residential dwellings.

The subcontractor shall provide the foundation services for the performance of the work in accordance with the General contractor’s specifications and plans.

The subcontractor will perform the work in the premises of the contractor.

Payment terms

The cost of raw material, machinery and equipment would be borne by the subcontractor.

After the end of the contract period, if the work is done as expected, the total amount that will be paid by the contractor to the subcontractor will be $500,000.

Project dates

Effective date of agreement: 16h Jan 2010

Effective state date of the project: 01st Feb 2010

Effective end date of the project: 30th Sep 2011

Acknowledgement of the parties towards the agreement

Signature of the Contractor:   HKC Group

Signature of the Subcontractor: ABC Foundation


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