A fitness trainer contract is a legal document which is framed in the case where an individual agrees to take fitness training under a fitness trainer and signs a set of terms and conditions to make it a formal agreement. These contracts are formally drafted documents which have to be carefully followed by the involved parties. Given below is a sample of a fitness trainer contract which can be used as a reference document.

Sample fitness trainer contract:

This contract has been made effective as on 5th May 2011 and shall remain into effect till 6 months from the effective date of contract.

This agreement has been made by and between the parties with the given following details:


Name: Mr. Mathew Jacob

Mobile number: 4029484829

Training institute Address: T-8, 1’st floor, Marks square building, LA



Name: Miss Frieda Pinto

Contact number: 4309300333

Address: R-3, Fredrick tower, LA

Training specifications:

Timings: 8am to 10 am every day of the week

The training shall include physical exercises, use of fitness machines and equipments, Yoga and running.

The following are the terms and conditions of the contract:

  • PAYMENT: The TRAINEE agrees to pay $100 every month within the first week of month.
  • The TRAINEE agrees to follow the training methods and schedule given by the TRAINER.
  • The parties agree to the fact that if the TRAINEE fails to make payment on time, then the TRAINER holds the right to dissolve the contract.

Signatures of the parties:

Mathew Jacob

Frieda Pinto