The equity joint venture contract is a legal document or agreement that exists between two parties, who agrees to enter into a joint venture business on equity basis. In an equity joint venture, both partners will share the amount of profits, losses, and risks depending on the amount of investment in the venture.

Sample equity joint venture contract

Contract number: EJV/B145/29/2011

Effective Date of contact:  November 29th, 2011.

This equity joint venture contract is an official operating agreement that mirrors most of the provision of a joint venture contract entered between Jinbei International and Remison Co.

Whereas Company Jinbei International

is located at

Address: No. 153, Middle Qianshan Road

High-Tech District, Shenyang

Liaoning Province 110000

Phone: (086) 24 8321 0519

Whereas the Company Remison Co.

is located at

Address: 144 North Dithridge Street #108,

Pittsburgh PA 15213

Phone: (412) 681-6550

Following terms and conditions are important aspect of the equity joint venture contract and need to be followed:

  • Representation:Each party “Jinbei International” and “Remison Co” hereby represents to the parties involved in this venture and that the execution and implementation of this joint venture contract will be carried out by legal representatives of both parties who have a good standing under the country laws and is authorized to bring into effect this contract on behalf of each party.
  • Establishment:“Remison Co” hereby agrees to the laws and terms and conditions of the contract in accordance to the applicable PRC (People’s Republic of China) laws and will work within the jurisdiction of these laws.
  • Investment:The total amount of investment by “Remison Co” will be $120 million and the registered capital is $70 million. The amount of investment by “Jinbei International” will be $250 million and the registered capital is $100 million

Both the parties are requested to validate the contract:

Signature on behalf of the Jinbei International:

Ming Xing

Signature on behalf of the Remison Co:

Peter Hanson