An equine training contract is a document which is prepared when two (or more) parties reach arrangement regarding training in horse riding. In the contract one of the involved parties is the trainer i.e. the individual/ entity that is supposed to provide the training and the other is the trainee i.e. the individual who is taking the training. A sample of an equine training contract has been provided here.

Sample Equine Training Contract

Date of signing the contract: 10th May, 2012

The contract has been prepared to be entered between Aston Polo and Riding Club, i.e. the trainer/ club, and Mr. Henry Rushford, i.e. the trainee/ member, as on the above mention date.

The contract states that Mr. Rushford has rendered the service of the club for training in horse riding. The club has enrolled him as a trainee and will proceed with training from 10th May, 2012.

Details of the trainer:

Name of authorized personnel: Mr. Mason Crocker

Contact No.: 231-084-565

Official Address: Plot No. 122, Aston Farms, Banker Road, New York, USA.

Details of the trainee:

Name: Mr. Henry Rushford

Contact No.: 911-807-336

Correspondence Address: 323, Rushmore Apartments, Brooke Road, New York, USA.

Terms of the contract:

  1. The training fee will be as per the club’s standard norm, non- negotiable.
  2. The fee is to be paid in full annually, before the training begins.
  3. The horses and other related infrastructure will be provided at and by the club.
  4. The trainee is allowed to participate in the social competitive events only on permission from the respective trainer.


_____________________    (Mr. Mason Crocker)

_____________________    (Ms. Henry Rushford)