A design build contract is useful while documenting evidence that two parties have come to the agreement of contracting the design build services to the contractor. According to the agreement, the terms and conditions will be specified as below.

Sample Design Build contract:

Terms of the Assignment of Construction Contract:

This Design build Contract is effective from 10th Jan 2010 between the City of California and Ohio Municipal Corporation. Herein the City of California will be referred to as the owner and the Ohio Municipal Corporation would be referred to as the contractor.

The design build contract is for the design and contraction of project identified as Hill Ridge Springs, in the City of California.

Documents pertaining to the design build contract:

The following documents are attached herewith with this design build contract

  • The contract
  • Design Scope Specification
  • The contract documents
  • Enumerated Documents form
  • Agreed Contract Interpretation
  • Definition of material breaches
  • Order of precedence
  • Administrative activities

Guidelines, requirements and standards:

  • The design builder shall perform all design activities as given in the contract to achieve the objectives stated in the Design Scope Specification.
  • The design builder shall submit all documents produced as part of the design services to the director for review and approval in accordance with the terms of the contract.
  • The design builder shall be responsible for the professional quality, completeness, accuracy, and coordination of design documents.

The contract is agreed to by both the parties with mutual consent.

Signature of the owner: City of California

Date: 09th Jan 2010

Signature of the contractor: Ohio Municipal Corporation

Date: 10th Jan 2010



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