Having a topic for design and construction contract is more of a broad type. In relation to the said contract the following sub topics are important to discuss and be included:

The importance of Design and Construct is significant to be stated in the contract for it serves as a document to describe the tasks which are to be constructed. This includes proposal just a schematic outline, terms and conditions of the proposal, performance evaluation for the works when it is finish, site information and other technical details part of the work to be constructed.

In preparation for the design, this is performed usually by the design consultant. The Design Brief is not a detailed design, but this is intended to express exactly what it is that is to be designed and constructed by the contractor.

In terms of constructing, the site information including the demographic detail, engineering people who will work will state their inputs.

The advantage of a design and construct contract is, it allow the constructor to used his skills and expertise from that field into the design process. Responsibility of an individual who will be involved for designing and constructing

Sample Design and Construction Contract


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