Deconstructing the consulting contract is done when the client or agency wants to further evaluate the agreement that they will work into specifically when it comes in the consulting part. This is usually done with a legal and professional adviser to check the validity and authenticity of the contract.

It involves further examination and breakdown of the content of the consultancy contract like any other contract involves the following parts: introduction of the contract, definition of the two parties, relationship of parties, scope of work, payment, termination, term and code ownership. Also in some cases there is a termination clause in the contract when things don’t come smoothly between the two parties.

All details and terms should be further explained and agreed to by the client and the agency to make sure that both of them are aware of their duties and responsibilities in the consultancy contract. With all of this  a final contract and signs of the two parties will seal the deal and the agreement will start will start on a specified date.

Sample Deconstructing the Consulting Contract


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