A corporate training contract is a written and formally drafted document which is framed when two parties agree to sign the terms and conditions which bind them together in an agreement to the fact that one party shall be providing corporate training to the other for a fixed period of time. These contracts consist of legal covenants which must be abided by under all conditions. Given below is a sample of a corporate training contract:

Sample Corporate Training Contract:

This contract is made between two parties who are hereafter referred to as the TRAINER and the TRAINEE.

Mr. Adam Morris is hereafter known as the TRAINEE and agrees to undertake a corporate training program under the supervision of the TRAINER.

Residential address of trainee: 12-H, birth rock tower, LA

Mobile number: 48279048044

Mr. Henry Moody is herein known as the TRAINER and agrees to give training to the TRAINEE in a twofold training process.

Training centre address: 56-B, North West square, LA

Mobile number: 487309480440

Details of the training procedure:

Commencement date: 1st March 2012

Length of training: 6 months

Corporate training shall include the planning, management and administrative skill program which will be done both in a practical as well as theoretical manner.


  • The TRAINER agrees to provide training to the TRAINEE for 6 months and the classes would be held every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 11 am to 5 pm.
  • The TRAINEE must be present on all classes to ensure the smooth running of the training procedure.

Signatures of the parties:

Adam Morris

Henry Moody