A contract marketing agreement is an agreement made and executed between two parties when one wants to hire the other for marketing purpose on contract basis and for a fixed period of time.

Sample Contract Marketing Agreement:

This document shall serve as an agreement between Mr. John Hash who also will be known as the CLIENT and Mr. George Val who also will be known as the CONSULTANT.

This agreement shall deal with the provision of professional marketing services by consultant for client relating to the promotion of his 4-star hotel situated at 123, R-4 house, CA by the name of Mainland London.

Date: 20’Th October, 2010

Location: Conference room, Mainland London

This agreement shall become effective from 1’st November, 2010.

Length of agreement: 12 months

Payment details: a package of $1500

Terms and conditions:

  1. The client shall provide the consultant with all the required documents and data to enable the consultant to fulfill his duties and responsibilities successfully.
  2. The consultant shall complete the assigned work on schedule in accordance with the terms of this agreement.
  3. The client must understand that the promotion of the hotel is a speculative task and no assurance can be made on how effective a particular move or task will be.
  4. The client shall transfer charges in advance prior to any marketing scheme or venture.
  5. In case, the client decides to terminate the agreement, he shall inform the consultant about the same in written 30 days in advance prior to the termination.


John Hash (client)

George Val (consultant)

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