A construction service contract is a kind of a contract or agreement which is made between a construction company and a client who hires the company for a certain service related to construction work. Such contracts are often made or drafted so as to seal the mutually discussed points or matters. These contracts help to safeguard the rights and interests of both the parties and protect them from fraud.  By nature, a construction service contract is legal in nature. This means that none of the parties are allowed to violate the contract under any circumstance or situation.

A construction service contract lays down the details of the service needed by the client. It also specifies the exact amount that the client will pay to the construction company for its services. The effective length or term of the contract must also be stated clearly along with the commencement and termination date. What really makes such contracts so useful and important is the part where the terms and conditions are given.  These terms specify the way each party is to conduct itself and also gives all those things which none is allowed to do as far as the contract remains effective.

Sample Construction Service Contract:

Construction Service Contract

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