A construction service agreement contract is a contract signed between a developer and the owner of the construction site. The contract permits the developer to build the site in accordance to the approved and authorized designs and procedures. Any construction or installation done other than the approved design is considered as violation of the contract’s norms and conditions. These types of contracts include the details of the parties involved and the terms and conditions agreed between them.

Sample Construction Service Agreement Contract

Construction service agreement contract Number: 80- ALC

Date of initiation: December 14, 2012

This construction service agreement contract is made and entered by Mr. Robert Bruise, owner of Plot no: 44 E, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. HP18 hereby called as the site.


Mr. Garry Shute, proprietor of Garry Constructors, 243, Braunton Devon EX33, hereinafter referred as developer.

Contract’s Specifications:

  • Construction of  owner cabin as per the design
  • Construct of main hall
  • Construction of pantry with all mentioned amenities
  • Construction of washrooms with attached restrooms
  • Construction of smoking zone
  • Construction of lunch hall with provision of a food shop

This contract is effective from January 25th, 2012

Following declared are the covenants and clauses for both the parties:

  • The developer need to build the above mentioned requirements at the site in accordance to the attached design. Any construction, fitting or installation done, which is not mentioned in the design will be considered as a violation of the contract.
  • The owner requires providing the developer with the all required material for the construction within 30 days of the opening of the contract. In case the owner failed to do so, the developer is free to consider the contract as null or cancelled and can maintain the down payment that was made on the initiation of the contract.
  • The owner will pay a sum of $3500 to the developer after the completion of the total construction on the site as mentioned in the contract.

Hence, both the parties will approve the Construction service contract

Signature of the Owner:

Mr. Garry Shute

Signature of the Developer:

Mr. Robert Bruise


Sidy Joseph