A Construction equipment rental contract includes a legal deal or clause between the owner of site who plans a construction on his site and a contractor who gives the construction equipments on rent. The contract includes all the conditions that need to be followed by both the parties at the time of construction.

Sample Construction Equipment Rental Contract:

Construction equipment rental contract Number: 103456 BA

Date of initiation:  March 01, 2013

This Construction equipment rental contract is made and entered by Mrs. Veronica Hopson, owner of 2011, Spring Street, Midland, hereby called as the site.


Mr. Joe Carlos, owner of Midland Construction Equipment Company, 140, Kings Lane, Midland hereinafter referred as contractor.

Contract’s Specifications:

  • The rented equipments include the Dozer, Wheel Loader, Hydraulic Excavator, Vibratory Compacter, Roller, Pilling rigs.
  • The contract note that the owner desire to renovate her house which is on site and wishes to rent construction equipments from the contractor.
  • The contract also notes that the owner is allowed to keep the rented equipments till the time of construction on its own cost.
  • This contract is effective from August 10, 2012.

Following declared are the covenants and clauses for both the parties:

  • The owner is responsible for all the equipments of the contractor till the end of the rent period. Any damage or loss to the equipments during the rent period is the responsibility of the owner and he/she is the sole bearer of the loss.
  • The equipments ought to remain at the site only. Any alterations in the location of the equipments need to be approved by the contractor.
  • The contractor is not allowed to remove the equipments from the site, till the end of the contractor without the owner’s consent.
  • The owner had agreed to pay a sum of $4000 to the contractor after the end of the contract.

Hence, both the parties will approve the Construction service contract

Signature of the Owner:

Mrs. Veronica Hopson

Signature of the Contractor:

Mr. Joe Carlos


Sushi Xong