Construction development is a process where in a construction project is further developed or a building or structure undergoes development through a construction service provider or company. Whenever a client hires a construction company so as to perform construction development work, then the arrangement that is made between the two is known as a construction development contract. A construction development contract is an important document which helps the construction company to be protected as far as payment is concerned and is important for the client so that all the promised services are properly provided.

A construction development contract must be framed using a formal format and tone and should be well detailed. It will give the details of the parties as well as all the services which the construction company must provide to the client. The contract document must also give the date on which the contract will commence as well as that on which it will terminate. A construction development contract should also lay down the terms and conditions according to which the parties must act or conduct themselves.  These terms should specify who will make arrangements of the equipments, supplies, materials, man power and other such requirements.

Sample Construction Development Contract :

Construction Development Contract

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