A construction contract format is a document which clearly specifies and explains the format in which a construction contract has to be written. These documents give a well detailed outline of the structure of a formal construction contract which is signed between two parties, one of which is the construction company and the other is the client. These formats are useful for those who wish to draft such contracts and need guidelines for the same. Given below is a sample of a construction contract format.

Sample Construction Contract Format:

Date on which contract is being signed: ________________ [dd/mm/yy]

This contract being signed between ___________ and _____________________ [mention the names of all the parties between which the construction contract is being signed].

[Use this space to give the relevant details of the contract such as the effective period or formal arrangements made between the parties].

Details of first party:

Official Name: ______________ [name of the client/or company]

Address: _________________ [write the complete official/residential address of the first party]

Email address: _______________ [write the email address]

Contact No: ______________ [contact no. of the party]

[This part of the contract includes the details of the first party]

Details of second party:

Business Name: _________________ [write the name of the construction company]

Authorized personnel: _______________ [name of the authorized personnel from the company]

Position: ____________________ [position in the company]

Contact No: ________________ [contact number of the personnel]

[This part of the contract includes the details of the second party]

Terms and Conditions of the contract:

[This part must be used to write down the clauses or terms and conditions under which the contract is signed between the parties. This part must be in bullet points].


_______________________________ [Signature authorized personnel]

_______________________________ [Signature authorized personnel]

[This part includes the signature of both the parties]