A construction contract form is a formal and legally binding document that is formed when a construction company and a customer or client agree to a certain number of terms and conditions which bind them together for a specific period of time. These contracts are related to the construction work for which the construction company is paid a pre decided amount. Given below is a sample of one such construction contract form for reference purpose.

Sample Construction Contract Form:

This contract is being signed by and between Mr. Nathan Bracken who is herein referred to as the CLIENT and Mr. Robert Cavalli who is herein referred to as the CONSTRUCTION COMPANY.

This contract has been made effective as on 25th March 2012 and shall remain into effect for 24 months.

Details of CLIENT:

Address: W-89, first floor, Jack bracket tower, LA

Contact No: 4720470324094


Address: Ep-34, second floor, F building, LA

Contact No: 482349704044

Terms and Conditions of the contract:

  • The CLIENT agrees to pay a sum of $3000 in advance and a sum of $2000 after the completion of construction work.


  • The CONSTRUCTION COMPANY is appointed to complete the construction work of the office space located at 45-H, marshal road, LA
  • The parties must discuss and design the office plan and the work must be carried out accordingly.
  • If any of the parties fail to abide by these terms and conditions, then the contract shall be terminated.

Signatures of the parties involved:

Robert Cavalli

Nathan Bracken



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