A construction contract example is a well detailed example of a construction contract which is formed between a construction worker or Construction Company and another party which pays the company a certain sum in return for the services it provides. These contracts consist of the details of the parties, details of construction work and legally binding terms and conditions. Given below is a sample of a construction contract example.

Sample Construction Contract Example:

This construction contract has been made effective as on 30th march 2012

Length of contract: 12 months

Termination date: 30th march 2013

This contract has been made between the parties with the following details:


Name of company: Neil construction works

Name of director: Mr. Adrian Neil

Address of office: 12-H, marks square, LA

Phone number: 4287940240


Name: Mr. Tim young

Address: 45-H, east Villa Park road, LA

Phone number: 4724092740

Details of construction work

The construction company is hired to carry on the construction of a 2 bedroom flat located at R-90, persistent street, LA

Total amount to be paid to company: $3000 which will be paid equally in two parts, one part before commencement date and other after completion of work

Terms and conditions:

  • The CLIENT must pay the amount on time to avoid legal implications.
  • The CONSTRUCTION COMPANY must do the work as per the designs given by the designer and as agreed with the CLIENT.
  • The contract shall dissolve immediately if any of the parties fails to follow these conditions.


Tim Young

Adrian Neil