A Commercial construction subcontractor contract is an agreement arranged between a contractor of a commercial property and a sub contractor builder in order to carry out construction. This contract includes all the conditions that need to be considered both by the contractor and the subcontractor during the period of the contract.

This contract comes into existence in large commercial project that are difficult to be handled by a single contract. Therefore the contract offers subcontract to another party for completion of the commercial construction without any time delay.

Sample Commercial Construction Subcontractor Contract:

Commercial construction subcontractor contract number: 7654K-12W

Date of initiation: May 26, 2013

This Commercial construction subcontract is made and entered by Mr. Adam Small hereafter referred to as contractor, contractor for commercial Property no: 123, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire and Mr. William Nathan hereafter referred to as subcontractor.

Contract’s Specifications:

  • The contractor is offering subcontract of building the factory space along with the pantry, office, washrooms and other basic amenities, similar to those mentioned in the approved design by the architect. The approved design also passes all the legal conditions.
  • This contract is effective from June 16th, 2013.
  • The contract enables the subcontractor to complete all the construction in accordance to the provided plans and designs. If the construction accomplished differs that mentioned in the design clause, the act will be considered as a disobedience of the commercial construction subcontract.
  • The contractor agrees to pay the subcontractor 10% of the total cost as advance and the remaining amount will be paid by the contractor according to the work progress.
  • The total budget for the commercial construction subcontract is decided as $203400 which is agreed upon by both the contractor and subcontractor.

Hence, both the parties agree to all the terms specified above in the commercial construction subcontractor contract.

Signature of the Contractor:

Mr. Adam Small

Signature of the Subcontractor :

Mr. William Nathan

Signature of Witness to the Contract:

Ms. Jane Bill