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A standard vendor contract is the term used to refer to vendor contract which is generally used to formalize a deal between a vendor and a buyer (of services or commodities). The contract must contain the date of the contract signing, the details of the vendor and the buyer signing the contract and the terms. A sample of a standard vendor contract is being given below.

Sample Standard Vendor Contract

Date of signing: 15th May, 2012.

The contract has been prepared to be entered by Master Caterers Pvt. Ltd., the vendor hereon and Clayton Events, the buyer (of service), as on the above mentioned date.

This contract states that Clayton Events have rendered the services of the vendor by the name Master Caterers Pvt. Ltd. for the catering arrangements of an event.

Date of the event: 28th May, 2012.

Location of the event: 435, Lexis Holiday Inn, Willow Creek, Wisconsin, USA.

Details of the Vendor:

Official Name: Master Caterers Pvt. Ltd.

Authorized Official: Mr. Victor Malory

Position: General Manager

Contact No.: 581-687-568

Official Address: 54, St. James Square, Pennsylvania, USA.

Details of the Buyer:

Official Name: Clayton Events

Authorized Official: Mr. Dixon Walker

Contact No.: 534-698-656

Official Address: 498, 2nd Street, Pennsylvania, USA.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The caterers are required to make arrangements for 300 guests.
  2. The menu will be as discussed with the caterers.
  3. The payment will be made after the buyer is satisfied by the service at the event, no advance payments made.


________________________________ (Mr. Peter Grainer)

­­_________________________________ (Mr. Dixon Walker)

Vendor contracts are formal documents commenced between the vendor or the service provider and the individual or organization in which the products, goods, services and payment terms are agreed by both the parties. Such a contract comes into existence on the occasion of corporate parties, official events and ceremonial meetings formally, whereas wedding, birthday parties and festival celebration dinners can utilize this contact informally.

Types of the vendor contract: events & venues vendor contract, corporate vendor contract and others. A vendor contract works with the SOW form called as a statement of work, which initiates the vendor to start with the working duties and responsibilities. A vendor contract must include:

(a)Contract number and date of acceptance.

(b)Type of the vendor contract.

(c) Contact information of the parties, including name, address and phone number.

(d)Mention the date on which the vendor contract is commencing and terminating.

(e)Services committed by the provider.

(f)  Covenant which consists of the total estimated values to be paid to the service provider, responsibilities of the service taker, and other terms and conditions.

(g)Signature of both the parties.

(h)Signature of the  witness

The service provider can keep the original vendor contract, whereas the copy of this contract can be kept by the service taker.

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A vendor contract letter is a letter which is written from one party of a vendor contract to another so as to discuss the various details or terms or conditions of a formal or legal contract. These letters are used to specify clearly the details of the parties, one of which is the vendor and the other is the buyer. Given below is one such sample.

Sample Vendor Contract Letter:


Mr. John Sampling

Henry Drug Stores

48, Patron Street,

Kansas, USA.


15th May 2012

Subject: Details of the vendor contract and some terms.

Dear Mr. Sampling

This is to inform you that Manikin Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (i.e. vendor) have received the details of the order placed with and we agree to the below mentioned terms.

Date of delivery of 1st batch: 30th May 2012

Date of delivery of final batch: 30 June 2012

Terms and conditions:

  • The delivery will be made in two batches; dates of both are as mentioned above.
  • The payment will be made in three parts: 25 % of the total amount will be made on signing of the contract. Another 35% will be paid on the delivery of the first batch and the rest (i.e. 40%) will be paid on delivery of the 2nd and final batch.
  • The vendors are responsible for all the delivery arrangements.
  • The buyer is required to check the order on arrival, no call backs will be allowed once delivery receipt is signed.

Kindly reply to this letter at the earliest

Thanking you

Mr. Harold Ruth

Manikin Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

24, Banker Street,

Pittsburgh, USA.


A vendor contract example is an example of the contract which is signed between a vendor and a respective buyer, hence called a vendor contract. The contract records all the details of the buyer, the vendor and the relevant details of the order that has been placed. A sample of a vendor contract example has been given below, such contracts also record the terms.

Sample Vendor Contract Example

The contract is being entered by Happy Henson Suppliers Pvt. Ltd. the vendor hereon and M/s Payton Confectioners, the buyer, as on the 15th May, 2012.

The contract states that the vendor under the name Happy Henson Suppliers Pvt. Ltd. has agreed to supply M/s Payton Departmental Stores with the placed order of items.

The delivery date: 25th May, 2012

Details of the vendors:

Official Name: Happy Henson Suppliers Pvt. Ltd.

Authorized Official: Mrs. Christy Thompson

Position: Sales Manager

Contact No.: 652-778-468

Official Address: 45, St. James Street, Willow Creek, New Jersey, USA.

Details of Buyer:

Official Name: M/s Payton Departmental Stores

Authorized Official: Mr. Jensen Padlock

Contact No.: 685-476-954

Official Address: Shop No. 3, 2nd Street, Folklore, New Jersey, USA.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The delivery should be made before or on the delivery date stated above, any delay may be penalised by the buyer.
  2. The buyer is only responsible for the items once the delivery has been received and signed.
  3. The half of the bill amount has been paid and the rest is to be paid post delivery.
  4. The buyer reserves the right to cancel the order if not satisfied.


________________________________ (Mrs. Christy Thompson)

­­_________________________________ (Mr. Jensen Padlock)

A vendor contract format is the structure or an outline of a contract which is signed between a vendor and a 2nd party i.e. the buyer. The contract records all the details of the parties involved, the details of the order placed etc. The format gives a proper outline which can be used to frame the final contract. A sample of the same has been given below.

Sample Vendor Contract Format

Date of signing the contract:

[This section is used to mention the date on which the parties are signing the contract.]

This contract is being prepared to be signed between:

[This section is used to mention the names/ titles of the parties i.e. the vendor and the individual/ buyer rendering the vendor’s services.]

[This section is used to mention the purpose for which the contract is being signed; the statement should give the services required, the deadlines or the dates of delivery or similar relevant details.]

Details of the Vendor:

[This section is used to write the details of the vendor i.e. the official name, name of the authorized individual, the contact information etc.]

Details of the Buyer/ 2nd Party:

[This section is used to give the details of the 2nd party who may be a retail buyer etc. mention the official name (if any), the name of authorized person, the contact info etc.]

Details of the Order:

[This section is used to give a full detailed description of the order placed with the vendor.]

Terms and Conditions:

[This space is used to give the terms and the conditions of the contract.]


[This is part is used to record the signatures of the involved parties.]