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A Personal Training agreement contract is made between a Personal Trainer and the Client who hires a personal trainer for availing his/her services. These types of contracts can be signed for hiring a personal trainer for yoga, aerobics or any other services. The contract must provide the details of the parties and terms and conditions agreed between them.

Sample Personal Training Agreement Contract:

Contract Number: 78- FLC

Date of Registration: May 3rd, 2012

This Personal Training contract is made and entered between Mr. William Duke residing at: House No. 440 Montgomery, St. San Francisco, California, 94103 hereinafter called as the Trainer


Ms. Diana Richardson, residing at permanent address: 35 Palm Circle, St. San Francisco, California 94013, hereinafter called as the Client.

This contract is effective from May 5th 2012 and is terminating on May 5th, 2013.

Terms and Conditions of Personal Training Agreement Contract

(a) The trainer agrees to provide fitness training to the client on a daily basis for five days in a week without fail. In case when the trainer is unable to take training session on a specific day, the same will be compensated on a weekend during the same month without fail.

(b) The trainer has to design a tailored program for the client that is as per the client’s objectives, fitness level and experience. Training programs must have various training sessions where each session lasts for 60 minutes.

Following are some of the other conditions that govern the personal training agreement contract between for both the parties:

• Payment Terms:

The Client agrees to pay the Trainer $75, per training session.

• Termination:

In case of misconduct & violation to the mentioned term& conditions, this contract will be treated as cancelled.

Both the Parties are Required to Validate the Contract:

Signature of the Personal Trainer:

William Duke

Signature of the Client:

Diana Richardson

Signature of the Witness:

Kate Perry

Dwf is software which is used by many corporate entities for data and designing. A Dwf training contract thus is a legal arrangement between an entity which provides training/ education in use of Dwf (thus the trainer) and an individual who wishes to learn about the uses of Dwf. Here, provided below is a sample of a Dwf training contract which may be signed between the two parties.

Sample Dwf Training Contract

Date of signing the contract: 15th May, 2012.

The contract has been prepared for and is being entered by Mystic Technological Institute, i.e. the trainer and Carter Enterprises Ltd. as on the above mentioned date.

The contract states that Carter Enterprises Ltd. have rendered the services of the Mystic Technological Institute to train 20 employees in uses, functions and advantages of Dwf.

Date of commencement of training: 20th May, 2012.

Details of the Training Entity:

Official Name: Mystic Technological Institute

Authorized Official: Mr. John Rudnick

Contact No.: 672-567-668

Official Address: 35, 2nd Street, Maywood, New Jersey, USA.

Details of the trainee (s):

Official Name: Carter Enterprises Ltd.

Authorized Official: Ms. Eleanor Gilbert

Contact No.: 656-776-890

Correspondence Address: 12th Floor, Henson Towers, Baker Street, New Jersey, USA.

Terms of the contract:

  1. The institute will provide the training as per its standard curriculum.
  2. The institute is also required to issue the trainees with certificates for the training in addition to sending a feedback to the company officials.
  3. The training fee has been stated to be $700 per trainee, which the firm has agreed to pay.


_____________________    (Mr. John Rudnick)

_____________________    (Ms. Eleanor Gilbert)

Training contracts are legally drafted document, which covers the compulsory period of a practical training program for a candidate in some firm, organization and centre before he/she qualifies the study session. Training contracts can be defined as full- time training and part- time training contracts. The person who undergoes this training contract is called a trainee; where as the training provider is known as the trainer.

Types of training contracts: legal executive training contract, Management training contract and software training contract. Certain standards of training programs are discussed by both the parties.

Underneath mentioned are the factor which should be considered while preparing a training contract:

(a)Contract Number and effective date of signing the contract.

(b)Type of the training.

(c) Commencing date and terminating time of the training contract.

(d)Detailed information of the trainer firm/ company & centre inclusive name, address, phone number.

(e)Contact information of the trainee, including name, permanent address, contact number and information about the institution.

(f)  Full details of the training program, including duties of the trainer institution and the obligations for the trainee.

(g)Termination & renewal clauses.

(h)Signature of both the parties in order to accept the contract.

The trainer organization can carry the original copy of the contract, where as the trainees can ask for the duplicate copy of the contract.

A nurse training contract refers to a legal agreement between two parties wherein one of the parties agrees to provide the other party with the required nurse training. Nurse training is prepping the individual for the job as a nurse by providing on job like training. Provided below is a sample of a nurse training contract which can be used by all for meeting their own needs/ purposes.

Sample Nurse Training Contract

The contract is being prepared to be signed between Holden Health Care Facility, the training provider, and Ms. Jenna Hopkins, the nurse in training as on the 10th day of May, year 2012.

As per the contract statement the health care facility has agreed to provide Ms. Hopkins with all the required on the job nurse training. The stipend that will be paid to her has been stated and agreed to be $700 per month.

Date of commencement of training: 15th May 2012.

Details of the Training Entity:

Official Name: Holden Health Care Facility

Authorized personnel: Mr. Marwick Masters

Contact No.: 877-595-933

Official Address: 354, Holden Health Care Facility, Banker Road, Park Avenue, New York, USA.

Details of the trainee:

Name: Ms. Jenna Hopkins

Contact No.: 784-353-573

Correspondence Address: Flat No. 34, Bailey Apartments, Victor Square, New York, USA.

Terms of the contract:

  1. The training is not in any way an assured future job option. Of all he trainees the facility may choose to hire which ever trainee they see fit.
  2. The trainee is required to carry on all the tasks and duties responsibly.


_____________________    (Mr. Marwick Masters)

_____________________    (Ms. Jenna Hopkins)

A Hogan Lovell training contract is similar to a regular training contract which is signed between a trainer and a trainee. But in such a contract,  the trainer specifically implies the law firm by the name of Hogan Lovell. The contract records the conditions that are set for the training that is being provided; it also records the details of the parties involved. A sample Hogan Lovell training contract is given here for convenience of everybody.

Sample Hogan Lovell Training Contract

Date of contract signing: 15th May 2012.

The contract is being entered by Hogan Lovell, the trainers and Ms. Melanie Carmichael, the trainee as on date of signing mentioned.

As per the contract, the trainee has been selected for law training by Hogan Lovell.

Date of commencement of training: 20th May, 2012.

Details of the Training Entity:

Official Name: Hogan Lovell

Authorized Official: Mrs. Jane Dubinsky

Contact No.: 476-992-847

Official Address: 15th Floor, Benson Towers, Rexford Street, New York, USA.

Details of the trainee:

Authorized Official: Ms. Melanie Carmichael

Contact No.: 758-939-457

Correspondence Address: Flat No. 308, Bradford Apartments, Katharine Square, New York, USA.

Terms of the contract:

  1. The training is a 2 year program, made of 4 semesters (6months each). The trainees will be working in different areas.
  2. The trainee solicitor salary is $40,000 for 1st year rising up to $50,000 the next year.
  3. The trainer reserves the right to employ the individuals they seem fit for their final placements and let go of the others.


_____________________    (Mr. John Rudnick)

_____________________    (Ms. Eleanor Gilbert)