House Cleaning Services Contract

A House Cleaning Services agency provides cleaning services to homes upon getting hired by a client in need of these services. A contract between a house cleaning services agency and... Read More

HVAC Service Contract

A HVAC service provides heating, ventilation and air conditioning for household or for official purposes. A HVAC services contract is therefore a contract between the HVAC services providing agency and... Read More

General Contract for Services

A general contract for services is a legal agreement between a service provider and a client for the services that the client receives from the other party. The services could... Read More

IT Maintenance Service Contract

An IT maintenance service is a service where an IT expert agrees to offer maintenance services to a client or an owner of IT products or services.  Such a service... Read More

Project Management Services Contract

Many business companies often hire outside help or outsource certain services whose expertise they do not have themselves. In such cases, the service provider is paid for the service he/she... Read More

Transport Service Contract Agreement

A transport service contract agreement is an agreement which is made between a transport service company or carrier and a client or company who agrees to use the services of... Read More

Sales Service Contract

A sales service contract is a legal document which is framed in the case when a service provider sells services to a client or customer on a contractual basis and... Read More

Security Services Contract Agreement

A security services contract agreement is a kind of a formal arrangement between two parties, one of which is a security service provider and the other is a client who... Read More

Real Estate Tax Service Contract

A Real estate tax service contract is a contract between owner of a real estate property or land and a tax administrator or manager who handles the tax transaction related... Read More

Referral Service Agreement Contract

Referral service agreement contract is made between two companies or individuals who undergo an agreement for referring the services of their organisation to others. It is a legal document which... Read More

Graphic Design Service Contract

Graphic design service contract is one that is entered between two parties for the purpose of graphic designing. This type of contract is entered between a client who wishes to... Read More

Service Contracts

A service contract which also known as ‘Warranty’ in some cases is a document that promises service to the customer/client. The ‘service’ could be repair, maintenance or regular inspection of... Read More

Service Contract Letter

A service contract letter is a letter which is sent from one party to another in the case when the parties agree to sign a service contract among themselves. These... Read More