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A House Cleaning Services agency provides cleaning services to homes upon getting hired by a client in need of these services. A contract between a house cleaning services agency and a client is often mandatory so that all the tasks that are to be carried out by the agency that the client needs are all set out clearly.

The legally binding form between the house cleaning agency and the client, also called as the house cleaning services contract as a requirement has all the details of the agency and the client. The duties of the agency with regards to cleaning the house are then listed out in detail. Along with that, the details of the payment that is to be made to the agency are mentioned in the contract.

The ‘terms and conditions’ section of the house cleaning service contract mentions any other rules of conduct that the client requires to lay out for the members of the agency while they are performing the task in hand. Both the client and the agency will need to sign the contract, keep a copy of the contract with them and abide by the terms of the contract.

Sample House Cleaning Services Contract

House Cleaning Services Contract


A HVAC service provides heating, ventilation and air conditioning for household or for official purposes. A HVAC services contract is therefore a contract between the HVAC services providing agency and the client (be it a house or an office) that is utilising their services. The contract’s purpose is for the service provider and the client to legally agree upon the services that are being provided.

Majorly, the HVAC contract is filled with the details regarding the services that the HVAC agency is going to be providing and the payment that the client makes. Along with that, the details of the HVAC authority and the client are needed to be a part of the contract.

Under the ‘terms and conditions’ section, all the necessary terms that are laid out by the client to the HVAC service provider are mentioned. Likewise, all the terms that the service provider lays in handling their machinery are mentioned.

Both the service provider and the client shall stick to all the terms, conditions and other sections of the contract. Such a contract for the HVAC services is useful in avoiding any problems for both the parties and hence, both the parties are to abide by the contract and keep a copy of it through the term of service.

Sample HVAC Services Contract

HVAC Service Contract


A general contract for services is a legal agreement between a service provider and a client for the services that the client receives from the other party. The services could be of any kind without any specifications as the contract is general and is intended to serve any purpose.

A general contract for services usually has all the details of the service provider as well as the client mentioned in it. Along with that, the contract has all the details of the services that the client is receiving listed out as it is necessary both to the service provider and to the client to get to an understanding on the services before they are exchanged. The payment that is to be done to the service provider and any other conditions involving the payment are listed out in the contract as well.

In addition to that, any terms and conditions that are laid out by the client regarding the services provided are also mentioned in a contract for services. It is really important for both the parties to abide by all the terms and conditions that are provided in this contract so that the services in question are fulfilled effectively.

Sample General Contract for Services

General Contract for Services


An IT maintenance service is a service where an IT expert agrees to offer maintenance services to a client or an owner of IT products or services.  Such a service is a consumer service and hence the service provider is paid for by the client. To formalize or legalize the arrangement of IT maintenance services, the contract that is formed is known as an IT maintenance service contract.

Any such contract is a formal and legally drafted document which authorizes the IT service provider to provide the maintenance services to the client and authorizes the client to make the due payment to the service provider.

A contract of this nature records the mutually discussed points between the parties in the form of terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are the clauses according to which the parties are expected to conduct themselves during the length or the effective period of contract.

The contract document must also indicate which party is the client and which is the service provider by giving their names, official addresses and their phone numbers.  The contract should also mention the amount that the client will pay to the service provider for his/her IT maintenance services.

Sample IT Maintenance Service Contract:


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Many business companies often hire outside help or outsource certain services whose expertise they do not have themselves. In such cases, the service provider is paid for the service he/she provides and is hired for a temporary basis. In case of handling or managing project works, project managers are hired by business organizations. In such cases, they formulate contracts that are known as project management services contracts.

Project management services contracts are those types of contracts that are formed between a client and a project manager and are mostly time bound in nature.

Such contracts are meant to authorize the project manager to provide management services for a certain project and to authorize the client or employer to pay the service provider for his/her services. it is very important for these contracts to name the parties, give their titles, contact numbers and also their addresses of correspondence.

A project management services contract should also mention the effective time period of the contract by giving its commencement date and its termination date. The terms of contract must mention the responsibilities of each party and what role it shall be playing during the effective term.  It is important to give the payment details as well in the document.

Sample Project Management Services Contract


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