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In many situations, people sell off their used cars to those interested in buying vehicles at reduced rates. The selling is a process which can either take place without any legal interference or may be formed under a legal light and in this case, the document used to record the details of the selling is known as a used car sales contract.

A used car sales contract is a contract which is formed between the owner of a used car and a buyer who agrees to buy the used vehicle. The contract is important to list the price of the car, the condition of the car and the rules related to the use of the car by the new owner.

A used car sales contract is a written document which must include the details of the seller and buyer. It must not only give their names and titles but also their contact numbers and addresses for future reference.

The document must consist of a broad heading called ‘terms and conditions’, within which the roles of the parties must be given. The seller does not have any right over the vehicle after the sale has been finalized.

Sample Used Car Sales Contract:


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Any document which is framed in the case when the owner of a real estate property agrees to sell the property to another party or person for a fixed amount is known as a residential real estate sales contract. Any such contract formalizes various mutual decisions which the parties take regarding the sale of the residential property.

Any residential real estate sales contract consists of certain legally binding terms and conditions which cannot be violated by any of the involved parties. The following is a well detailed sample of a residential real estate sales contract which can be used for the purpose of reference by anyone.

Sample Residential Real Estate Sales Contract

This is a residential real estate sales contract which has been made official on 3rd Jan 2012.

This contract has been made by and between the SELLER of the property and the BUYER of the property.

The details of both the parties involved are given as below:

SELLER Details:

Name: Mr. Fred Harvard

Residential address: W-23, first floor, Jackson Street, Birmingham

Mobile number: 4702490505

BUYER Details:

Name: Mr. Kell Peters

Address:  Q-45, fourth floor, Putney, Birmingham

Mobile number: 470340940

Residential Property Details:

Address of the property: 23/M, West Birmingham road, Birmingham

Type of property: Residential property

Total area of the property: 900 sq feet

Total amount: $50000

Terms and Conditions of the Contract:

  • The seller of the property must vacate the space before the effective date of contract and hand over the property with its legal documents to the buyer.
  • The buyer shall hold all the ownership rights of the property from the effective date onwards.
  • The buyer is entitled to lease or sell the property after having its ownership rights.
  • The seller shall not, in any way be entitled to have a claim over the property once it is sold.
  • The buyer must make full and final payment to the seller on the effective date of contract.

Signatures of the Parties:

Fred Harvard

Kell Peters

A sales service contract is a legal document which is framed in the case when a service provider sells services to a client or customer on a contractual basis and for a fixed period of time and money. Sales service contracts are of many types and are formed under many circumstances or situations. For example, plumber service contracts, electrician service contracts, paint service contracts, cleaning service contract etc. Given below is one such sample of a sales service contract which anyone can use for reference.

Sample Sales Service Contract

This is a sales service contract which has been made between the parties with the following given details


Name of company/business: Bill Computer service station

Official address: Q-56, 9th floor, Topper building, London

Contact number: 472034703

Service provider name: Ralph Lauren


Name of client: Ted Wilson

Residential address: 23, Peters square, west block, London

Contact number: 489847895

Details of Service Contract:

Effective date of contract: 12th May 2012

Termination date of contract: 12th May 2013

Effective period: 1 year

Contract payment: $500

Type of services included: computer repair services, installation services, troubleshooting services

The following are the terms and conditions of this contract:

  • The CLIENT agrees to hire the SERVICE PROVIDER for computer and laptop repair and installation services for a period of 1 year.
  • The CLIENT must make the entire payment on the effective date of contract.
  • The SERVICE PROVIDER must visit the CLIENT and provide services as per their instructions.
  • The CLIENT must give time of atleast 1 day to the SERVICE PROVIDER for a home visit.
  • In case the SERVICE PROVIDER is not able to solve a problem, the CLIENT can demand compensation or request another SERVICE PROVIDER’s help.

In agreement to the above given terms and conditions, both the parties provide their signatures below:

Ralph Lauren

Ted Wilson

Residential real estate contract is a legal and formal document between two parties for the sale, purchase, exchange and other conveyance of real estate. Real estate contracts are bilateral contracts that carry all the legal requirements specified by the contract law of that state. The contract should always be in writing for it to be enforceable.

Sample Residential Real Estate Contract:

Residential real estate contract number:  65- KTC

Date of Registration: November 13th, 2010.

This residential real estate contract is made and entered by Ms. Tina Thomas who stays at House No. 45, Near Red Zone Parks, Willis Colony, Ottawa, Canada and Mr. James Carlow who stays at 27/H, River Road Lane, Toronto Canada.

Contract Specifications:

Both the parties will be undergoing a real estate contract for selling the property by its owner Ms. Tina Thomas to the buyer Mr, James Carlow, who is shifting from Toronto to Ottawa and wishes to buy an apartment at Ottawa. The owner will sell the apartment in a fully furnished condition to the buyer and buyer will pay the agreed amount to the owner on the purchase of the property.

Address of the apartment being sold by Ms. Tina Thomas: 34- C, Wing-12, Rodgers Apartments, Flower Colony, Toronto, Canada

This contract is effective from November 25th, 2010 after the transfer of the house from the owner to the buyer.

Following mentioned are the covenants and conditions for both the parties:

  • Obligations:

The owner will give the house in fully furnished condition

  • Payment Terms:

The buyer will pay the amount of $65,000 to the owner on the purchase of the residential real estate property.

  • Termination:

The contract can get cancelled in case any of the parties violate the terms mentioned in this contract.

Hence, both the parties will approve the residential real estate contract

Signature of the Buyer:

Signature of the owner/Seller: 

A sales contract is an agreement of exchange of commodities, service or goods to be exchanged from the seller/vendor to the buyer/vendee. The exchange is agreed for a fixed amount of time and a negotiable/non-negotiable price.

Sales contract is a legal agreement and is enforceable under the state of law. It is also called a purchase contract and it establishes the rights and obligations of the involved parties. They are useful in providing a common understanding between the buyer and the seller thus minimizing the disputes which could come up in the future.

A sales contract can be categorized into the following:

  1. Small business sales contract
  2. Large business sales contract
  3. Bulk sales contract
  4. Conditional sales contract

Examples of a few sales contracts are as follows:

  1. Car sales contract
  2. export sales contract
  3. land sales contract
  4. Goods sales contract    etc.

If you are interested to find a particular sales contract, this is the right place to search and find useful information.