Residue Royalty Payment Contract

When one decides to use another person’s property or anything that the other person has patented as his own, they should make a royalty payment for using it. It could... Read More

Monthly Payment Contract

A monthly payment contract is a legally binding agreement between a debtor (the person to whom the money is owed to) and the payer (the person who has to make... Read More

Payment Plan Contract

A payment plan contract is a legally binding agreement that is done for any kind of payment between two parties. The contract involves a payee (the person to whom the... Read More

Car Payment Contract

A car payment contract is a legally binding agreement between a buyer and a seller of a car. The car could be a used car or a new one. This... Read More

Standard Lease Purchase Contract

Any lease contract which is formed in the situation where the lessee also has the option of purchasing the equipment or property which is put on lease is known as... Read More

Commercial Lease to Purchase Contract

Oftentimes, people who wish to purchase a commercial property may not have the needed money or financing at that time and may end up leasing the property but with the... Read More

Real Estate Lease to Purchase Contract

A normal real estate lease contract is a kind of a contract which is made between the lessors or owner of a real estate property as well as the lessee... Read More

Car Lease Purchase Contract

Those contracts which are formed between car owners and those individuals who rent their car for a certain fixed period of time are known as car lease contracts.  In such... Read More

Property Lease Purchase Contract

A property lease contract is a standard form of a lease contract where a lessor/landlord/owner of a property agrees to lease or rent the property to another party or person... Read More

Residential Resale Real Estate Purchase Contract

Residential resale is a situation in which a residential property owned by someone or used by the owner is resold to a buyer who becomes the new owner of the... Read More

Residential Real Estate Purchase Contract

A residential real estate purchase contract is a kind of a legal document which is framed in the case when an SELLER of a residential property sells the property to... Read More

Land Purchase Contract Agreement

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Residential Real Estate Contract

Residential real estate contract is a legal and formal document between two parties for the sale, purchase, exchange and other conveyance of real estate. Real estate contracts are bilateral contracts... Read More