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A sale of partnership interest contract is a contract between two partners of a firm or a joint venture, where in one of the partner wants to sell the share in the partnership firm. The partner can decide on the percentage of stocks or units in the partnership to be sold. This contract becomes mandatory when there are more than two partners present in a partnership firm. This sale of partnership interest contract will have all the details regarding the partnership units, payment terms, details of parties to the contract etc.

Sample Sale of Partnership Interest Contract

Contract Number: C 12

Date of contract: 22nd August 2009

Vendor Details:

Name: Mark Perry

Company: Terra byte Logistics

Address: 93 S Jackson St.

Seattle, Washington.

Purchaser Details:

Name: Jennifer green

Company: Technocrat’s Solution Ltd,

Address: 3rd Ave Suite, 2000 Riverside lane,

Seattle, Washington

As per this contract, the vendor agrees to sell 23 % of his partnership to the purchaser for 200 Million dollars.

Rights of the Vendor and Purchaser:

The purchaser will hold all the rights on the 23% partnership and the vendor will have to be informed about the further sales, or changes in 23% of partnership interest sold to the purchaser.

Payment Terms:

The payment of 200 million dollars, have to be made within one month of the contract date and that has to be made either in cash or cheque failing which the rights of partnership interest are liable to be repealed.

Consent of Other Partners:

The vendor should submit the consent letter in writing from the other partners or stake holders, before selling his partnership interest.

This contract is duly signed by both the parties in the presence of a witness.

Signature of the Vendor                                                              Signature of the Purchaser

Mark Perry                                                                                         Jennifer Green.

Signature of the Witness

Jean Bradman

The contract to purchase partnership interest is a contract entered between two parties, one being the buyer and other being the seller wherein the partnership interest is being purchased by one partner from another. The contract provides details about the parties involved and terms and conditions agreed between them.

Sample Contract to Purchase Partnership Interest

The contract to purchase partnership interest is formed between the Converge trading Corp Ltd, 45 Hath walk street, New York 11200, hereafter known as the buyer and Shine industries Ltd, Bergen St & Wyckoff St Brooklyn, NY 11201, hereafter known as the seller. The contract is effective from 25th September 2012 and shall be valid before the closing date which is 31st October 2012.

Purchase and Sales Clause:

This clause speaks about the units or details of the partnership the seller wishes to sell, and the buyer agrees to purchase. The seller wishes to sell 47.5% of his stock to the buyer for 150 million dollars. The buyer should provide 10% of the amount to the seller if he sells the purchased portion of the stock within 12 month from the effective contract date.

Payment Terms:

The payment for the purchase of partnership interest has to be made only in the form of cash and should be paid prior to the closing date as specified above.

Approval of Other Partner:

The seller shall furnish approval or no objection certificates from rest of the partners in the partnership to the buyer. The seller agrees upon the happenings, actions, and claims etc to be completed before the closing of the contract.

In the presence of a witness both the parties enter into the contract.

Signature of Buyer                                                                               Signature of Seller

Joseph Trib                                                                                             Kathy G Mark

Converge trading Corp Ltd                                                                 Shine industries Ltd.

Signature of Witness

Mr. John Abraham

Newton Associates.

A real estate investment partnership contract is a kind of a contract which is formed between two or more than two real estate companies which get together to become investment partners for a fixed period of time. These contracts are legally binding in nature for the involved parties which means that none of the parties can violate the terms mentioned in the contract. A real estate investment partnership contract is generally formed to seal the terms on which the parties shall carry out investment deals together. The following is a sample of the same.

Sample Real Estate Investment Partnership Contract

This real estate investment partnership contract has been formed by and between PARTY 1 and PARTY 2 as on 15th July 2012.

This contract shall remain effective for a period of 12 months

The details of involved parties have been given in the following lines:

Party 1 Details:

Name of the company: Paul Property developers and builders

Name of representative: Paul Newman

Contact number: 4774893489

Official address: 2-U, second floor, Jack tower, London

Party 2 Details:

Name of the company: Tim Black Construction works

Name of representative: Tim Black

Contact number: 4989474904

Official address: 12-j, Fred’s corporate tower, London

Details of Investment Partnership:

The parties shall be investment partners in the ratio 1:1 for the effective period of the contract.

Terms and Conditions:

  • By the means of this contract, PARTY 1 and PARTY 2 shall now make investment decisions together and would be 1:1 partners of profits and losses which are incurred through the investments.
  • PARTY 1 shall be handling the finances in this contract while PARTY 2 shall be handling the investment opportunities.
  • This contract makes it obligatory for both the parties to abide by the terms mentioned as violation shall lead to legal actions.

Signatures of the Parties:

Paul Newman

Tim Black

A real estate partnership agreement contract is a formal document which specifies the clauses and the terms and conditions of a partnership between two real estate companies. Such a contract is formed to lay down the various terms and conditions to be followed by both the parties as long as the contract is effective. The contract also contains the details of the parties involved. Following given is a sample of real estate partnership agreement contract.

Sample Real Estate Partnership Agreement Contract

This real estate partnership agreement contract has been entered as on 12th December 2012

This contract has been formed by and between PARTY 1 and PARTY 2

Effective period of contract: 12 months

The details of the parties involved in this contract are as follows:

Party 1:

Name of the company: Greg Property builders Private Limited

Name of representative: Greg Black

Contact number: 47204940

Official address: 3-G, first floor, Marks tower, London

Party 2:

Name of the company: Mathew Jacobs Pvt Ltd

Name of representative: Mathew Jacobs

Contact number: 49824993

Official address: W-78, first floor, Paul tower, London

Details of Partnership:

Ratio of share in the partnership of PARTY1: PARTY 2 is 1:1

Terms and Conditions:

  • Both the parties are equal partners in profits and losses which are incurred while they are conducting business together.
  • PARTY 1 shall be responsible for acquiring clients and making business deals while PARTY 2 shall be responsible for handling and finances, accounts and recruitment of employees and workers.
  • PARTY 1 and PARTY 2 are not allowed to share any information of the company with any third party or person.
  • Legal action will be taken against the party who does not follow the given terms and conditions.

Signatures of the Parties:

Mathew Jacobs

Greg Black

Partnership contracts are official documents commenced between the two on more business entities, individuals and organization for initiating a new trade, sharing corporate interests with the owner and participating in the benefits and losses. A partnership contract can be a government or a private contract. Hence, any violation to the mentioned terms can bring the dissolution of the contract.

Types of the partnership contract: Business partnership contract, limited business partnership contract, employee partnership contract and many others. Such a contract is based on the responsibilities, ethical working strategies and partnership share.

A partnership contract is based on the following mentioned attributes:

(a)    Partnership contract number and date on which the contract is to be registered.

(b)   Type of the Partnership contract.

(c)    Introduction of all the partners consisting of their names, authenticated address and working contact number.

(d)   Mention the details of the business for which the partnership is commenced including category and address.

(e)    Date on which the contract is commencing.

(f)    Discuss all the covenants and conditions for all partners to run the business or the commitment. This includes the partnership ratio, division of profits and losses.

(g)   Signature of all partners along with the name of organizations or company type.

(h)   Approved by the lawyer: signatures and address.

(i)     Signature of the witnesses.

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