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Property maintenance is an act in which a person or a party agrees to maintain a property which is owned by another person or entity. In such cases, the owner is known as the client and the person who maintains the property is known as the service provider.

A property maintenance service contract is a service contract framed between a client and a property maintenance service provider to legally record all the details of the maintenance and also the details relating to the payment which the service provider will get for his/her services.

A property maintenance service contract is a written document which must be framed carefully, by giving each detail clearly. The contract document must consist of the various maintenance duties which the service provider is expected to fulfill along with the commencement as well as the termination date of the contract.

The terms and conditions of a property maintenance service contract must explain in detail the roles of the involved parties and the various clauses relating to the service period. These terms should be mutually agreed by the parties and must be signed at the end to indicate that the violation of any of them can hold the defaulting party at fault.

Sample Property Maintenance Service Contract:


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HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning and is a technology which provides vehicular and indoor environmental comfort.  Any contract which is formed between a commercial HVAC service provider and a client who uses the service of maintenance is known as a commercial HVAC maintenance contract.

Such contracts are formed in the case when the client wishes to use the maintenance services for vehicle or indoor heating and air conditioning equipments and hires a commercial HVAC expert for the purpose. These contracts are like service contracts which are time bound and are legally enforceable in nature.

Commercial HVAC maintenance contracts are extremely important and useful contracts for the parties involved as they ensure proper maintenance services for the client and the correct and timely payment for the service provider.

These contracts must be detailed enough to prove as reference materials for the future course of the contract and in the situation where resolving of dispute is needed. The contract must thus consist of information relating the clients, the effective dates of commencement and termination, the terms and conditions as well as the service cost which the client will be paying to the HVAC maintenance worker.

Sample Commercial HVAC Maintenance Contract:


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Every person who owns a fleet of commercial vehicles such as Lorries, school buses, private buses etc. may not have the time and the expertise to handle the maintenance once singlehandedly and hence a service provider has to be hired for commercial vehicle maintenance.

In such situations, a commercial vehicle maintenance contract is signed which authorizes the service provider to provide vehicle maintenance services to the client and authorizes the client to make the due payment on time. Such contracts are formed to safeguard the rights of both the parties and make the discussion between them mutually viable.

A commercial vehicle maintenance contract is a written document that must record all the details of the vehicle maintenance clearly and in detail. For example, the contract must state the details such as names, addresses and phone numbers of the client as well as that of the service provider and should also give the various maintenance duties or tasks which the service provider must fulfill as long as the contract remains effective.

For this purpose, the commencement and termination date of the contract should also be given in the contract document. In the payment details, the amount as well as the method of payment must come.

Sample Commercial Vehicle Maintenance Contract:


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Maintenance contracts are a written piece of agreement between a contractor and the owner of a building or some equipment stating all the details related to periodic maintenance of the same. These contracts state the duration of maintenance, the details of the objects concerned, the details of the contractor, a brief layout of the maintenance procedure to be employed and other important niceties. This tool can also prove effective in case of any disputes from either end.

While framing a maintenance contract, the following points should be kept in mind-

  • Simple and lucid language: The language of the contract should be understandable even to a layman. Except highly required, technical jargons should be avoided.
  • Detailed Information: The contract must mention all the necessary details required. Detailed information from both ends will assist in smooth maintenance of the concerned building or device. These detailing will also help prevent ambiguity at a later stage.
  • Concise layout: The contract should be framed in a concise manner and long winding sentences should be avoided. Pictorial representation, wherever required, should be given to make the job clear to the maintenance contractor.

Although the maintenance contract may vary a bit depending on the building or the equipment concerned, the basic undertone should be same as mentioned above.

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Free Maintenance Contract

A free maintenance contract is a formally drafted document which is framed when two or more than two parties agree to get into an agreement through which one of the parties assigns the task of maintenance of a property or any other asset to the other by paying it a certain amount of pre decided payment. These contracts are available for free on the internet and are hence termed as free maintenance contracts. Given below is a sample of a free maintenance contract which can be used by anyone for reference purpose.

Sample free maintenance contract:

This maintenance contract has been made effective as on 30th June 2012

This maintenance contract shall remain into effect for a period of 12 months.

This maintenance contract will terminate on 30th June 2013

This maintenance contract is formed by and between Mr. Robert Patrick who is hereby referred to as the COMPANY and Mr. Henry Joseph who is hereby referred to as the MAINTENANCE COMPANY.

The details of both the parties are given as follows:


Contact number: 4747034404

Address: D-78, first floor, Morocco tower, CA


Contact number: 4483023703

Address: A-123, fifth floor, Paulo building, CA

The COMPANY agrees to assign the MAINTENANCE COMPANY for the maintenance works of the office belonging to the COMPANY in its absence from the state or country.

Terms and conditions:

  • The MAINTENANCE COMPANY agrees to maintain and manage the office for 12 months as and when required by the COMPANY.
  •  The COMPANY shall pay an amount of $2000 each month to the MAINTENANCE COMPANY.


Robert Patrick

Henry Joseph