Manufacturing License Contract

Manufacturing license contract is an agreement between a licensor which is the original owner or a government branch that gives license to a licensee which is the production or factory... Read More

License Agreement Contract

A license agreement contract is a broad head which can consist of several types of license agreements such as driving license agreement, alcohol license agreement etc. Any such contract is... Read More

Exclusive Software License Contract

An exclusive software license contract is one which is entered into between two parties for the purpose of granting software license by one party to the other. The exclusive rights... Read More

Music License Contract

A music license contract is one that is used to obtain license for the use of a copyrighted music. The music license is issued by the creators of music as... Read More

Exclusive License Contract

An exclusive license contract is one that provides exclusive rights to another party. In this contract there are two parties and the license is provided by the licensor only to... Read More

Design License Contract

A design license contract is one that is entered into between two parties wherein one is the owner of the design and the other is one who wants to obtain... Read More

Marriage License Contract

A marriage license contract is one that is entered into between a man and a woman who want to enter the wedlock. This contract is entered into between the couple... Read More

License Contracts

License Contracts are the contracts where two or more parties are involved and based upon certain terms and conditions, they agree to settle down on a mutual understanding which is... Read More

License Contract Example

License contract example is an example of an actual license contract which is a type of a contract or agreement which is formed between a licensor and a licensee in... Read More

License Contract Form

License contract form is a formally drafted document which is framed when two or more than two parties agree to get into a contract based on licensing. These contract forms... Read More

License and Cooperation Contract

A license and cooperation contract is a legal as well as official document drafted when an individual or an organization gets the license to work together with another individual or... Read More

Intellectual Property License Contract

An intellectual property license contract is a legal document which is drafted when an individual or an organization referred to as the licensee wants to take possession of a property... Read More

Intellectual Property Right License Contract

Whenever an individual referred to as the licensee wants to start a business or expand an existing new business he has to acquire a license known as an intellectual property... Read More