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Manufacturing license contract is an agreement between a licensor which is the original owner or a government branch that gives license to a licensee which is the production or factory company to of when it comes to the production of a particular product, it protects the owner for the copyright, patent, trademark and industrial design of the product; to the producer in continually manufacturing the goods with permission to the owner or licensing body of a government.

All conditions and terms must met be by the licensee to gain a license for the production because it takes too much consideration in having a license to manufacture especially in producing a good quality product in which the brand name of the product bears. All of the terms must be set to both parties especially the income generated in producing the said product because it is a personal property of the owner and assurance must be observed that the intellectual property is not leaked into other person’s hand.

Sample Manufacturing License Contract


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A license agreement contract is a broad head which can consist of several types of license agreements such as driving license agreement, alcohol license agreement etc. Any such contract is made between an agency which provides the license and the person to whom the license is being granted. A license agreement contract is a legally binding document which consists of the terms and conditions which have been mutually discussed and decided between the parties. A sample of such a license agreement contract has been provided below for reference or help.

Sample License Agreement Contract

This is an alcohol license agreement contract which has been entered by and between the LIQOUR AGENCY and the LICENSE HOLDER.

By the means of this contract, the LICENSE HOLDER has been given a license to sell liquor at a restaurant for a period of 12 months.

Effective date of contract: 27th July 2013

Termination date of contract: 27th July 2014

Details of the License Holder:

Name: Mr. Tim Jackson

Full residential address: H-89, first floor, 91 heights, Tim Street, London

Phone number: 473095054

Terms and Conditions:

  • By the means of this contract, the LIQUOR AGENCY has granted permission to the LICENSE HOLDER for serving/selling liquor at his restaurant ‘Jackson Club’.
  • The LICENSE HOLDER has to pay an yearly license fee of $5000 to the LIQUOR AGENCY
  • The LICENSE HOLDER cannot serve liquor after 12 midnight and before 5 pm in the evening.
  • The LICENSE HOLDER is not allowed to serve alcohol to minors.
  • The LICENSE HOLDER can renew their license after one year on its expiration, if he continues to sell alcohol.
  • The license would be cancelled if the LICENSE HOLDER is found to violate any of these terms.


Tim Jackson

Paul Markson (head at Liquor agency of England)

An exclusive software license contract is one which is entered into between two parties for the purpose of granting software license by one party to the other. The exclusive rights on the software are applicable in this contract that prohibits the availability of the software license to any other party other the one who obtains the license.

Sample Exclusive Software License Contract

This exclusive software license contract is effective from 21st August 2012 between the parties M/s Sheerness Solutions Ltd and M/s Loughton Software Company wherein the former company is the licensor and the latter is the licensee.

Details of Licensor –

M/s Sheerness Solutions Ltd,

#4, Walsall, West Midlands,

London, WS3

Details of Licensee –

M/s Loughton Software Company,

#56, Weymouth, Dorset,

London, DT3

Terms of Exclusive Software License –

1. The licensor agrees to provide the exclusive software rights to the licensee for a royalty fee of 8000 pounds payable every year.

2. The licensee obtains the exclusive rights of the software from the licensor which can be modified, reproduced, publicly used or even sub-licensed by the licensee freely under the brand name of the licensee company.

3. The licensee further gets the rights of making use of the software for both commercial and non-commercial use which can be for research purpose as deemed fit by the licensee.

4. The royalty fees paid by the licensee shall be nonrefundable under all circumstances irrespective of the sales or profit derived by the licensee with the use of the software.

5. The liability of payment of tax, patent fees etc shall lie upon the licensor with no obligation on the part of the licensee for the same.

6. The exclusive software license issued to the licensee shall be terminated only on the condition of non-payment of the annual royalty fees by the licensee which attracts termination of the contract with the licensee having to pay a penalty of 10% of the cost of the software to the licensor.


Signature of the licensor: ______________

Signature of the licensee: _________________

A music license contract is one that is used to obtain license for the use of a copyrighted music. The music license is issued by the creators of music as they need to get benefit for their creative talent in monetary form. The music license contract gives the rights of usage of the music work of the owner in a specific way by providing for the various terms and conditions in the contract.The owner of the music license is known as the licensor and the one who obtain the rights is known as the licensee. The licensor gets compensated by issuing the license to the licensor in two ways which have to be specified in the contract. The music owner can either obtain a onetime license fee or opt for royalty payments according to willingness.

Sample Music License Contract

The music license contract comes into effect from the 01st of July 2013 between Mr. David Legett who is the owner and licensor of music and Mr. Mathew Riddle who is the licensee in the contract.

Terms of the music license contract :-

1. The licensor through this contract provides the license to the licensee for a onetime fee of 25000 pounds which needs to be paid before obtaining the rights over the music work into the bank account of the licensor.

2. The licensor provides the copyrights of the created music to the licensee which provides the licensee the right to copy the music work and will not amount to infringement of copyrights in any form of reproduction.

3. The licensee receives making use of the music creation for live performances and even broadcast of recorded music without any limitations.

4. The licensee has complete rights on the music creation which enables recreation, making use of recorded music and playing the same at designated locations without any limitations.


Signature of the licensor: ______________

Signature of the licensee: _________________

An exclusive license contract is one that provides exclusive rights to another party. In this contract there are two parties and the license is provided by the licensor only to the licensee exclusively in a restricted manner. The licensee can make use of the license in an exclusive manner without passing on the usage to any other party. This contract ensures that the license for a specific product or material or intellectual property is not used by any other party other than the one who obtains permission. When there is violation of this contract it makes the party liable for prosecution due to illegal use of the same.

Sample Exclusive License Contract

An exclusive license contract is entered into between Ms. Helen Mathew and Ms. Linda Anthony for the purpose of offering exclusive publishing rights of the book written by the former to the latter.

Particulars of License – Book “Life of a housewife” written by the licensor.

Particulars of licensor –

Name of the licensor – Ms. Helen Mathew

Address of licensor – #15, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, London, S25

Contact number – 012-334-5555

Particulars of licensee –

Name of the licensor – Ms. Linda Anthony

Address of licensor – #4, Mountain Ash, Mid Glamorgan, London, CF45

Contact number – 152-552-2341

Terms of exclusive license contract :-

1. The grant of exclusive license by the licensor to the licensee is for a period of five years only and can be renewed thereafter by the licensor if felt necessary.

2. The licensor provides the exclusive rights of the book written by the licensor to the licensee for publishing under the book publishing name of the licensee.

3. The licensee is exclusively issued only to the licensee and the licensee has no right to sub-license the book publishing to any other publishing house.

4. The license contract is governed under the jurisdiction of South Yorkshire courts and all disputed to be settled under the courts falling in this area only.


Signature of the licensor: ______________

Signature of the licensee: _________________